Climate Change Leading the World Risk Report 2016

The Climate change is a problem that affects us all, for it and like every year the World Risk Report 2016 has presented the larger global risks. The study was conducted with the participation of 175 experts, which had to assessed 29 global potential risks spreading their impact and likelihood of occurrence in a time horizon of 10 years. In the Report the greater risk for 2016 is the failure of mitigation and adaptation to climate change (even more than mass destruction weapons, water problems, migration and the rising of energy prices).

Is the first time that environmental risks are at the head of the World Risk Report since the first edition of the report in 2006. This is a reason why many sectors are working to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Proof of the clear intention of the fight against climate change lies in the resolution of the climate summit in Paris. In the coming years the world’s great countries are going to try to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and bet on renewable energy that can be viable and sustainable energy solution for the Earth.

cambio climático

These and many more are the promises that in a long term, if all the institutions agree, can produce a great benefit to the planet. Unfortunately climate change is becoming increasingly irreversible and We have to act now! Waterboxx is but another tool to make a small step for the change, by planting trees and plants to help the Earth.


  1. Waterboxx eliminates the use of water pumps which means it does not require energy to use.
  2. Use of efficient technologies.
  3. Saving large amounts of water.
  4. Control of desertification.
  5. Speed up the process of reforestation of forests (the “lungs of the earth”).
  6. It offers a higher rate of survival for plants and trees

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