Waterboxx Press Release


A new sustainable method for planting trees, vegetables, and plants

The Groasis Waterboxx makes it possible to plant trees without irrigation, using an advanced system that saves water, energy and money. Its use is very simple, all you have to do is plant the tree or plant in question and place the Waterboxx on the plant, which will help improve their survival giving the necessary water and protecting it from external interference (heat, cold, rain, …)
In just a second we will explain how the Waterboxx actually works, but let’s first look at the benefits for the environment and the users.

The environment

  • Enormous savings of water compared to irrigation. Up to 99%! The trees only need water when planted, and after that the trees survives on its own with the support of the Waterboxx.
  • Plants and trees have a higher rate of survival and they are stronger and healthier.
  • No need for (electric) power.
  • Sustainable for the soil: less erosion and the decrease of the ground water level is being stopped.

The users

People are becoming more and more aware of the environment. With the Waterboxx they can plant trees in an environmental friendly way and they will have more benefits:

  • Saving costs. Using less water, no power, and there is no need to install an irrigation system.
  • Ease of use. The daily routine of watering trees and plants is in the past. Leave the newly planted trees and plants for months without any attention.
  • Higher revenue. Trees, like fruit trees, grow at a 30% higher pace and they are healthier and therefor have a higher rate of survival. So cultivators generate revenue sooner from fruit trees (from 1 to 3 years) because the trees grow faster, and more revenue because there are less costs.
  • Human resources. With the Waterboxx trees can be planted the year round. So there is no peak load.

How does the Waterboxx work?

Before planting the tree (or plant, or vegetable) the soil is prepared with water. The tree will be planted and the Waterboxx is placed over the new planted tree. The Waterboxx will be filled with water. By means of a thread the water is dispensed drip by drip to the soil underneath the Waterboxx. Enough for the tree to survive, but not enough for the tree to become lazy. The tree has to find its own source of water so the roots starts growing.

Meanwhile the Waterboxx collects rainwater and it produces water from the moist in the air. The siphons prevent the water in the Waterboxx from vaporizing. After an average of one year, subject to various conditions, the roots have reached the groundwater level. This can be seen as soon as the tree grows faster. The Waterboxx can be removed and reused, and the tree can grow on its own merits without any further watering.

Please look at the following video for more information of the Waterboxx:

Origin of the Waterboxx

The Waterboxx was developed by the Dutch company Groasis. Pieter Hoff, the founder and the inventor of the Groasis Waterboxx, has years of experience as a cultivator, grower and exporter of roses. During that time, he saw that the global level of groundwater became increasingly lower, and that if it is not avoided, no irrigation will be possible at any given time. Therefore, he developed the Waterboxx. Today the Waterboxx is extensively tested in deserts, such as Dubai, but also in Zaragoza (Spain).


For the purpose of clarity, this press release is restricted to the Waterboxx and its use with trees. Meanwhile the Waterboxx has developed into the Growboxx, a biodegradable version. More information about the Growboxx can be read in a subsequent press release. Or you can have a look right now on the websites of Groasis or on this site. There you can also read what the benefits are to the plant, for example, shrubs and growing vegetables. You can also call or email. Rafael Toledo is happy to answer your questions, +34 622 312 388 and rafael@accreviri.com.

Accreviri is the representative of Groasis in Spain.

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