Success for Accreviri at Greencities Forum

Accreviri is a relatively young company and Greencities was our presentation to show the two products we sell: the Waterboxx and Growboxx. The reactions were overwhelming, leaving much of the visitors impressed by the simplicity and innovative method to make cities more green while saving water and money in order to save the environment.

Our presence in Greencities was very fruitful since we could arrange meetings with more than 10 municipalities and specialized companies. In turn dozens of visitors were interested to introduce our products into their projects, being amazed by its simplicity and use. Notably, several companies showed a special interest in carrying out projects in partnership with Accreviri for joint distributions.

In the following video you will see a small summary of what was at Greencities. From 2 minutes our Marketing and Sales Manager Rafael Toledo, talks about the features and benefits of Waterboxx and Growboxx.

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