Shipping Conditions


It is very important to fill in all the fields and verify that there are no errors in the telephone, address and especially in the postal code, since the transport companies usually work with the postal code. There is no minimum order, when you buy you just have to keep in mind that there are minimum shipping costs. When you are interested in a product and do not find it on our website, please indicate it through the contact form and we will try to dispose of it as soon as possible in our stock.

As long as the product is in our warehouse, the delivery time will be a maximum of 48 hours after checking the payment of the product. When we do not have any product in our warehouse, we will indicate the approximate period of time it will take for our supplier to deliver the merchandise. The packaging of our products is the one we have observed most safe and viable. To avoid possible problems, we will follow the process of transporting each order, in case of any problem we would communicate personally with the customer through e-mail or if necessary by phone. In addition, when the merchandise is delivered we will send you an e-mail to verify that the merchandise has arrived correctly.


The shipping costs are calculated automatically by the program, depending on the quantity of products that have been ordered, checking all postage to avoid any errors that may arise. In case of any change in the cost of shipping we will contact the customer to indicate the new amount of the shipment. The transportation agencies we use are the following: UPS, Express Mail, Post, Celeris and Transeop. Orders take on average 48 hours to reach their destination, if you have to send a package for another faster service, shipping will vary upwards, calculated depending on the service and distance. The price of shipping will vary depending on the place. The days of departure depend on each carrier, being the delivery normally the day after the cargo. To decide the transport, the fastest and most economical way of transport is always sought.


What do I have to do when the merchandise arrives?

When the package arrives the first thing you have to do is visually check that the package arrives in good condition, if you do not have time to verify that the goods arrive in good condition, you must place the words in the absence of checking the note of delivery of the transport agency. If you notice that a defective product arrives you must indicate it on the delivery note. Immediately you will have to resend it within 24 hours from the delivery to pass a part of the incident, and it will be the transport agency that will be responsible for the expenses.

What happens if my order does not arrive?

We do our best to make our products arrive as quickly as possible. All orders will reach their destination, but if you have any questions, please contact us and we will indicate all the steps we are following in your order. Normally in case of delay, this is usually due to a lack of stocks or large volume orders in which the transport time may be longer than expected. Contact us by email at or +34 622 31 23 88.

What happens if the courier arrives after placing an order and nobody is at home?

If when the courier arrives to deliver your order there is no one at home, the courier can leave you a notification indicating that he has made the delivery. This note shows the telephone number of the transport agency in the area. When this happens, it is normal that when the order cannot be delivered, it will be left for the next day, unless there is a collection point near your home and leave the package there so you can pick it up during business hours for your comfort.

It is also possible that when the order cannot be delivered, they will call you by phone to specify another delivery day. We are delighted to be able to solve any problem that may arise when delivering your order.

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