Replant trees of any size with Growboxx

Previously with the Waterboxx a problem arose difficult to repair, how to plant or replant trees with a large trunk if the central opening of the Waterboxx is only 10 cm? In this case we could only recommend the option of planting small trees that didn’t exceed this diameter. There are other situations where you want to replant trees and it is not possible to change the tree to a smaller one. Therefore for these cases, Groasis has established an effective formula using the Growboxx Plant Cocoon.

With the Growboxx you can plant trees of any size. In addition to seedlings, it can be used for planting adult trees with stems ranging from 10 to 100 cm in diameter. This formula uses 4 to 8 Growboxx (depending on the diameter of the tree to be planted) so that in the central area there is enough space to plant the tree. With the Growboxx, trees can be planted in their respective central openings, as well as planting shrubs or plants in their 4 additional pockets.

For example: to grow a tree of 20 cm in diameter will be used 4 Growboxx. You can plant a main tree up to 20 cm, 4 smaller trees (1 in each Growboxx) and 16 small plants or shrubs (4 by Growboxx).

Benefits of using the Growboxx system

 Plant any diameter of the tree
 Inexpensive
 Any height of the tree
 Plant the tree together with bedding plants, native plants, soil covers or bushes
 Rainwater harvesting
 Refill possibility
 No competing weeds
 The cover is attached to the box and cannot be blown away
 If necessary plant below the soil surface but still keep the refill possibility
 No expensive irrigation infrastructure
 No expensive water spilling
 No salinisation of the soil
 Water gift based on osmosis – no clogging of a wick

Enjoy the Growboxx® plant cocoon ‘Triple 90 benefits’

  90% lower costs

90% less water use

+90% survival rate

We have a special offer now for a trial planting: buy 1 pallet with 200 Growboxx® plant cocoons and we deliver CIF on any place of the world for 2,500 euros +IVA. In Spain and Portugal, the price is lower 1.500€ + IVA. Contact us and ask for your promotion, so you can enjoy all the advantages of the Growboxx.

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