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The Waterboxx is a device which ensures that the plants grows in areas with dry temperatures where growth would be more complicated, while saving water, time, money and energy.

The technology increases the growth of plants and trees while solves the problem that the plants can grow in deserts, eroded areas and even in rocky areas.

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The Waterboxx plant cocoons consists of
  • Waterboxx (basin, green)
  • Cover (creme)
  • Midplate (black)
  • Cap (blue)
  • 2 Tubes (blue)
  • 1 Anti-evaporation cover
  • Short instructions
This is how the Waterboxx works to prevent desertification
How to plant using the Waterboxx

First you dig a hole big enough for the Waterboxx. Cut of the roots of the tree you want to plant that grow sidewards or upwards, and plant the tree, plant or vegetable. Then place the Waterboxx over the tree. Once this is done, fill the base with 15 liters of water and the device will do the rest of the work. At night, the top cap cools faster than the air, which helps collect water from the condensation that serves as a water supplement for the plant. The water is supplied by dripping through a wick located at the base which provides the water necessary for the survival of the plant. This amount of water helps to stimulate the roots so that they look for water in the soil and thus grow more quickly.

The Waterboxx protects the plant from the elements, or getting buried in the sand. And with the optional Growsafe Telescoprotexx it prevents the animals from eating the plant. Once the plant reaches the wet layer of the soil (usually late between 9 months and a year) you can remove the box and reuse it on the next plant, up to 10 times.

If you want to get more information on how to plant using the Waterboxx, we invite you to read the instructions for the Waterboxx.


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