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The Growsafe Telescoprotexx is a flexible plant protector that protects the plant from high temperatures and cold weather, and from grazing animals. It offers 50% safer growth of the plant or tree, what is much higher than what should be in normal conditions.


Why do you want the Growsafe Telescoprotexx

Growsafe is a flexible plant protector that protect the plant from potential harmful external agents. It is the ideal accessory to use the Waterboxx as it helps plants grow up to 50% faster. This is because it creates an optimal micro climate for plant growth. Installation is very simple, once installed the Waterboxx (read here how to install the waterboxx) only have to place the Growsafe in the central opening so that the plant is inside the tube. The plants will grow safer because it protects from the cold and heat as well as  grozing animals. It’s green color has a purpose; Filter the light as much as possible which helps the growth of the plant.