10 Waterboxx + 10 Growsafe Pack

Special and limited offer pack! Only with this pack of 10 Waterboxx, you will additionally take 10 Growsafe and 20 additional wicks. With this pack you will get the most out of the Groasis ecological water saving technology. In the following Link you can get more information about the Waterboxx Plant Cocoon.

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Buying the 10 Waterboxx pack, your order will have the following:
  • 30 wicks (10 + 20 additional)
  • 10 Growsafes
  • 10 Waterboxx
  • 10 rain water collector lid (cream colour)
  • 10 insulation lid (black colour)
  • 10 stoppers
  • 20 siphons
  • 10 antievaporation covers
  • Instructions

Comprar Pack Waterboxx + Growsafe

This special pack includes an amount of 10 Growsafe (plant protectors designed by Groasis) and 20 additional wicks, doing a total of 30 wicks.

Buy Waterboxx Plant Cocoon

The waterboxx can be used for 10 years, which means that planting a tree per year, provides a medium-term return on investment, each tree can be planted for an approximate cost of € 2. The technology manufactured by Groasis increases the growth of plants and trees on all types of land, such as: deserts, eroded areas and even in rocky areas.

Start a planting project with Waterboxx

The Waterboxx® plant cocoon is ideal for long-term projects, both for public and private use. If you plan to carry out a planting project with Waterboxx, we recommend you to write to our so we can give you some advice and a customized price.

Guides & Tips to use the Waterboxx Plant Cocoon

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