Planting manuals

Learn how to use the groaiss technology water-saving products with their simple manuals with the best practices and instructions for use to get the most out of your plantation.

Download the official Groasis App or the paper manuals on our page and discover everything you need to plant with Waterboxx and Growboxx.

Download de Official App 

Download Planting Manuals 

Look for the instructions of your product to learn everything about its installation.

Waterboxx User Manual

Growboxx User Manual

Growsafe User Manual

Learn to plant vegetables with Waterboxx

If you want to plant vegetables in an organic and sustainable way while saving water, you can do it with the Waterboxx Plant Cocoon.

Discover all the secrets on how to create orchards with maximum efficiency. Visit the Groasis YouTube channel for Vegetables and Fruits.


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