Water saving technology

Groasis water saving technology is based on the clear premise that most soils have water 3 meters deep. The main problem of trees in desert and arid areas, is that in those first 3 meters the soil is dry and warm, that is why the plant dies when they don’t finding water.

The solution provided by Groasis is to promote growth in the first 3 meters deep, then, once the plant has founded groundwater the plant will grow independently.


Provide environmentally friendly products with the goal of replanting deserts and arid areas to help create a greener world. The source of these projects is to reduce poverty, generating new jobs and wealth

“Our intention is to end deforestation, desertification, poverty, the food crisis, unemployment, child labor, rural-urban migration, climate change and water scarcity.”


Zero Hunger Objective

Groasis water saving technology has been named as an effective solution to end world hunger. Therefore, it has been included in the United Nations ‘Zero Hunger‘ plan for its revolutionary way of improving cultivation, favoring responsible agriculture that can generate decent income, while supporting rural development centered on people and protecting the environment. .

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