How to Use

Instructions for planting with Waterboxx and Growboxx

We, Groasis and Accreviri, want to make it easy for you. As easy as possible. So we have some video’s and instruction documents on how to plant using both products. But let’s start at the beginning. You need plants or trees to plant. We recommend to use seedlings or saplings or slightly more mature plants as long as the diameter of the trunk is 5cm. When you are in a garden center to buy trees, see if you can buy them with that maximum diameter trunk size. You might have to prune the tree or plant so the Waterboxx or Growboxx can be placed over the planted tree or plant.

Make perfect vertically downwards growing primary root system

Before planting it is important to take a good look at the roots. When the root is growing sideways or even upwards, pruning should be the root and make it grow down. This will facilitate the taproot can easily be introduced by the earth to reach a depth where there is underground (about 3 meters deep) water.

Instructions for planting plants and shrubs

Detailed instructions for using correctly the Waterboxx

Instructions for planting trees

Using Waterboxx to plant Fruit Trees

Graphic instructions for planting with Waterboxx

instructions for planting with waterboxx