How to plant pistachios with the Waterboxx

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The pistachio tree is a small tree, native to the mountainous regions of Greece, Syria, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan and West Afghanistan, which produces pistachio. Pistachios have a cultivation and pruning very similar to almonds and olives, although it has its peculiarities.

The Kerman variety on lands of Atlantic Pistacia and modernly on hybrid soils, are the best, not only because the quality of the fruit, but also for the precocity and production results. The cultivation of the pistachio is profitable and generates benefits from the tenth year.

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How to plant pistachios

To learn how to plant pistachios using the Waterboxx, we recommend you to read the following tips:

The ideal is tobuy saplings and transplant them from the pot to the ground. The ideal time of the year to plant pistachios is spring. When planting the pistachio tree with the Waterboxx it is important to follow all the instructions  to maximize the production and the effectiveness of the system. It is important to soak the soil and once the Waterboss has been installed fill it with about 15 liters of water. The tree takes to grow and to bear fruit in optimum conditions between 7 and 10 years, although at 30 months it begins to bear some pistachios. These periods can be shortened with the use of Waterboxx as it favors a 30% greater growth of the plants, being able to realize an optimal first harvest at the 6th year.

These trees have to be planted with 6 or 7 meters of distance between them, it may seem a big space, but over time these trees will fill the entire space. This is about 42 square meters per tree, or about 238 trees per hectare. It is important to respect the proportion of males and females, which should be 8 to 1; That is, for every eight productive females, a male pollinator (these produce flower, but not fruit). With these tips our pistachios trees can be able to give pistachios for more than 50 years.

One technique we recommend when making large plantations using the Waterboxx or Growboxx, is to dig holes with the Capillary Drill, which has to be installed on a tractor. The Capillary Drill can make 250 perfect holes in just one hour , accelerating the process and reducing costs.

Picking up the pistachio plantation

The harvesting of the fruit is recommended at fifth year of planting, when it begins to intensify the production. The best way to perform the harvesting, is using mechanique instruments. For example, you can use a machine that has a vibration system and an umbrella bag to collect the fruit, similar to the ones that are used to harvest almonds and olives. This machine mounted on a tractor harvests an average of 80 trees an hour. The process of the fruit in the field is exactly like that of the almond: peeled and dried. The cultivation costs per hectare and year are similar to the almond and olive cultivation.

Best soil for growing pistachios

The pistachio trees can adapt to many types of soils, but if there is a type of soil that adapts well and will favor the planting of pistachios, that will be the sandy one that has a good drainage. It is important that it has a good drainage because its productivity will be greater than if it were alkaline.

We hope that with this post you have learned how to plant pistachios in a easier and more productive way with the waterboxx. With the waterboxx it won’t be necessary to use irrigation systems with which it will save water, energy and money.

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