Growboxx at the ‘Global Opportunity Explorer’

Lectura 5 - 10 min

The Global Opportunity Explorer is an initiative that garthers the ideas and products of companies that are trying to mitigate the climate change by proposing sustainable delovepment solutions for the future. The Global Opportunity Explorer divides its areas of action in the following goals:

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Groasis, manufacturer of Waterboxx and Growboxx has been chosen as one of the companies that help with its technology to achieve the objectives proposed by the Global Opportunity Explorer, specifically the problems that the Growboxx manages to mitigate are:

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No Poverty

The first goal is to end poverty in all its forms by 2030. It also aims to ensure the social protection of poor and vulnerable groups, increase access to basic services and support people harmed by extreme weather events and other factors Economic, social and environmental.

Growing a productive fruit or medicinal tree in combination with four complementary vegetables can provide low income families with a source of income as well as food.

Zero Hunger

Objective 2 aims to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030. It also commits universal access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food at any time of the year. This will require sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices, equal access to land, technology and markets and international cooperation on investments in infrastructure and technology to boost agricultural productivity.

Vegetables planted with Growboxx are produced with 90% less water compared to traditional solutions, providing communities in arid areas with a reliable source of food.

Life on Land

Objective 15 focuses specifically on sustainable management of forests, restoration of degraded lands and the successful combating of desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

The preservation of diverse forms of life on earth requires specific efforts to protect, restore and promote the conservation and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and other ecosystems.
The Growboxx can be used to rejuvenate previously degraded lands, using the method of self-reforestation of Groasis.

Groasis Growboxx allows plants and trees to grow in desert areas using limited water resources, without the need for energy or continuous irrigation.
Groasis Growboxx is a seeding technology for eroded, rocky, dry and desert areas that allows the growth of a single tree or a tree in combination with four other plants. It cab be filled with a single dose of 15 liters of water, which avoids evaporation by the design of the box. Instead, water is slowly released into the soil surrounding the seeds. Rain and condensation from the surroundings are also collected in the box. In this way, a heavy rain of only 10 minutes once a year is enough to fill the tank and be able to be supplied to the plant until the following season.

The box releases only 50 ml of water per day. With such a limited amount of water, plants are forced to look deeper into the soil and over time – even in drier areas – the roots often find water a few feet deep. Once the plants have established a root system, the box will biodegrade, which encourages tree growth.

The survival rate of trees using the Growboxx is over 90%, no matter how challenging the circumstances. Similarly, water savings are more than 90% compared to any other planting method during the first year. From the second year, the water saving is 100% since no water is added manually.

Escrito por Rafael Toledo Wright
Marketing y Redacción de Contenidos en Accreviri. Apasionado por la ecología y la naturaleza 🌱

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