Groasis Waterboxx

The Groasis Waterboox  is the environmentally friendly alternative for planting trees, vegetables and fruit trees by a technic of capillary irrigation.

A great solution for those who need to irrigate their plants but spend months away.

The waterboxx is reusable and can be used, on average, 10 times. Which means using 1 waterboxx you can plant trees for 10 years, going by a tree per year.

5 Waterboxx Pack

124,95 Taxes included

¿How does the Waterboxx work?

The plantaciones that can be made by using the waterboxx plant cocoon do not need a watering system as such. This is because the actual system has a capacity for 15 litres of water, of which will water the plant by a wick situated under the waterboxx. This wick acts as a capillary  watering system. Just in the first year of planting the Waterboxx the system allows us to save up to 90% of wáter compared to tradicional watering systems.

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Waterboxx advantages

  • Cost affective technology ,planting each tree for a aproxímate cost of 2.50€.
  • Use 90% less water than a drip irrigation.
  • The use of pesticides  virtually nil.
  • Going by the studies and projects  realized on 24.000 Waterboxxes  the rate of survival is 90%.
  • Produce vegetables with a consumption of water resources  75%  less than a traditional watering system.
  • Allows to plant in any area desert/mountain at any time of the year.
  • The waterboxx creates a system of strong roots.
  • You do not need to have any special knowledge of gardening

Do you have any doubt or complain about how to use the Waterboxx? Feel free to contact us

Technical Characteristics of the Waterboxx system

The Waterboox is composed of a box, an insulation lid, a lid that collects rain water and dew. A small lid, 2 siphons, a wick and an antievaporation cover.


The dimensiones of the Waterboxx are, outside diameter  47 cm and 22,5 cm tall. The weight of the box is 1.400 grams and its composed of virgin polypropylene with anti UV additives with  quality certificates based on the BASF y CIBA standards.

Temperature resitance  -40ºC y +80ºC

Watering with capillary system

The Waterboxx has a capacity to hold 15 litres of water of which the plant recieves 5 cc daily. Although the amount recieved may change slightly depending on the hygroscopic characteristics of the soil. The capillary irrigation is posible by the nylon wick situated underneath the boxx.

Expected service life, reusable up to 10 times.

Waterboxx opinion by experts

“Based on the results we see in our reports, we can conclude that a large-scale ecosystem restoration plan can be developed in the Galapagos. In addition to the high survival rate of the plants, we can also see that there is a positive impact on their growth speed. ”

Swenz Lorenz

Executive Director, Charles Darwin Foundation

“These results clearly show that the plantations carried out with the Groasis Waterboxx were a success, with a survival rate of over 90% in our 2011 project. There are significant water savings, having used only 15 liters of water per tree.”

Juan Ignacio Boudon

Head of the Protected Wild Areas Department, CONAF

“The study of the effects on the survival rate of fruit trees shows a survival rate of 100% in apple, orange and guava trees, in the case of avocado the survival rate was 84%. Water saving is considerable.”

Ashenafi Asmelash

Executive Director, Mums for Mums

Common questions  FAQS Waterboxx plant cocoon

How long should I leave the plant in the Waterbooxx

There is not a fixed period of time but we can recommend that once you see that the plante is growing  quite fast, look mainly at the  speed that the Young leaves grow, that could be the moment  to remove the waterboxx. This moment is normally between 9 and 15 months after planting. Once the plant gets to this stage it means it has found underground water and can survive without the Waterboxx.

How do I remove the waterboxx without damaging the plant?

To remove the Waterboxx you just have to lift the boxx over the plant very carefully so as not to damage the branches. Once removed you can change the wick and use the Waterboxx again.

Is it better to plant seeds or cuttings?

We do not recommend planting seeds with the Waterboxx as its effectiveness is not the same as using cuttings. This is because the seeds would not recieve direct sun light and they do not have a root that would grow efficiently.

What happens if it rains to much?

In principle you might think that too much rain could be a problem. But there is no need to worry, since the waterboxx has an overflow to avoid excess water. In addition, the wick works according to the principles of capillarity, that is when the soil is very wet, it almost does not transport water to the tree. On the contrary, the same thing also happens, when the soil is very dry, the wick carries more water.

Once the Waterboxx is removed do I have to do anything with the plant?

Once removed we recommend a small layer of natural fibres, which could be cotton,hemp fibre or simalar. This covering should be placed in the same place

You can then cover the fiber layer with about 7-10 cm of sand to prevent the plant from being moved by the wind.

How much should it rain to fill the tank?

Thanks to the design of the Waterboxx that allows you to take full advantage of rainwater collection, you need only 75 mm of rain (75 L / m2) to fill it.

If it does not rain how do you fill the waterboxx?

In the case that is does not  rain in a few months you do not need to worry. The lid is designed to collect dew. If that is still not enough you can open  the small deposit lid and add water.

How to create the best primary roots

Before planting it is important to take a good look at the roots. When the main root is growing horizontally or even up, the root should be pruned and grown vertically down. This will facilitate that the primary root can be easily introduced through the earth until it reaches a depth where there is underground water (about 3 meters deep). But since it is not the same as telling it, we leave you a video that will clarify all the doubts that may arise: Primary Roots Video

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