Groasis Growasafe Telescoprotexx

Growsafe is the ideal complement to protect trees planted with the Waterboxx and Growboxx systems. The Growsafe is a plant protector that, in addition to guiding the plant, is recommended to protect the plantation from being eaten by animals or from cold and/or heat situations.


2,50 Taxes included

Characteristics of the Growsafe plant protector

This plant protector has a standard height of 50 cm, but it has the option (superimposing several units) being able to reach 210cm height. The Groasis Growsafe performs the work of protection and tutoring the plant, so no additional system is needed for its correct growth.

As for its characteristic of protection from cold and heat, its green color stands out. This is due to the fact that green allows the necessary light colors to be transferred during the day to carry out photosynthesis, which are blue and red. Both colors, can pass perfectly through the green being carried out better favoring this important process. Meanwhile the other colors are filtered, decreasing the intensity of the light, which reduces the temperature improving the quick growth of the plant. Thanks to this low temperature, the evaporation level of the water is lower, so the plant will be better protected against -0ºC temperatures

How to install the Growsafe

1st Insert the flanges into the corresponding slots. Is  Important to do it always from the outside in! With this we would already have 1 Growsafe of 50cm ready.

3º Once we have both flanges together, we must adjust both blue tabs turning the tubes in opposite directions to block their position.

2º Once we have the first plant protector, if we want to make it taller, we will have to match both tubes, putting the second inside the first one through the area of the blue flange.

4th If we want to continue making our plant protector longer, we will have to repeat the same process. The Growsafe Telescoprotexx can reach a height of 210cm.

Current problems of plant protectors

The lack of rain, high temperatures or extreme rains are one of the main causes crop loss with the consequence loss of money for farmers. However, other major causes are grazing, that yearly produces millions € of loses. In those cases the seedlings have a low probability of survival and nevertheless the majority of protectors for plants of the present time don’t solve these problems, some of them are:

  • They don’t protect against UV rays and heat in summer.
  • They don’t act against freezing of plants with frost in winter.
  • They don’t usually have enough height to grow next to the tree.
  • The plant protectors higher than 50cm usually need brackets to stand.
  • They are usually sold in tube form, which makes transportation difficult due to their bulkiness.
  • Plant protectors are usually too expensive to produce.
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