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The Groasis Waterboxx has shown after many studies and trials that its benefits are greater than using a conventional irrigation system. Continuing with this research and development, Groasis has designed a new product called: The Growboxx Plant Cocoon.

The Growboxx is a revolution in the way of planting, which has been carefully created following the steps that maked the Waterboxx so succesfull. The biggest value of Growboxx lies in its composition, as it has been made with recycled paper and it is 100% biodegradable.


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How does the Growboxx Plant Cocoon work?

The operating system of the Growboxx Plant Cocoom is very easy and intuitive. Its main benefit is that it needs 90% less water than a traditional irrigation system: Once the first year of useful life has passed, it begins to biodegrade, providing beneficial nutrients for the tree.

Plant trees economically

The Growboxx is ideal, if you are looking for cost savings, since it allows you to plant trees in combination with vegetables, or shrubs. How is it possible? This is due to the fact that the Growboxx Plant Cocoon has different holes through which it can be planted in an accessory way to the main plant and can be used to shade or grow vegetables.

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Growboxx Benefits

  • It uses 90% less water than the drip irrigation
  • 90% less wáter used than with the drip irrigation system
  • Almost no use of pesticides
  • Save up to 90% of cost of resforestacion on large areas of land
  • A survival rate increase
  • Greatly useful for reforestation ,areas that are eroded, desert, mountainous or burnt forests
  • Increases growth in fetile land where it contributes to the biomass     

Technical characteristics

The Growboxx Plant Cocoon consists of the main piece that is the box, a lid and 4 seed holders.


The Growboxx has dimensions of 40cm wide x 40cm long and a height of 16cm. Its estimated weight is 600 grams and is composed of biodegradable organic recycled paper without bituminous additives. Growboxx Plant Cocoon additives have been approved in food safety to prevent attacks by bacteria, ants, hares, rodents, goats or other grazing animals.

Resistence to temperatures from -40ºC to +80ºC

Irrigation System

TheGrowboxx tank is about 12 liters, of which it provides an average of 100 cc of water per day, although this figure will vary according to the hygroscopic characteristics of the soil. The box is designed to biodegrade in the first year, but the lid is more resistant and completely biodegrades at 5 years.

Biodegradable 1 year of use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Growboxx Plant Cocoon

What is the time of use of the Growboxx?

The Growboxx can only be used once, because the box and lid are made of recycled paper and it´s biodegradable.

Can large trees be planted with the Growboxx?

Using only 1 Growboxx, the maximum diameter on the plant stem should be 7 centimeters, the same size as the Waterboxx. In case you want to plant bigger trees, contact us and we will help you.

Is it better to plant seeds or seedlings?

We dot recommend planting seeds with the Growboxx® plant cocoon, since its effectiveness is not the same as using seedlings or cuttings. In case you want to plant seeds, our recommendation is to use the 4 small holes in the Growboxx that have been created for seeds.

What is the difference between Waterboxx and Growboxx?

The main difference is that using the Growboxx you will not have to remove the box once the first year has passed, instead with the Waterboxx it will be necessary to remove it in order to continue using the product.

How can I plant in the smaller holes of the Growboxx?

In this case, in the smallest holes, the plant will not be directly connected to the ground, so we recommend the use of germinated seeds that have reported a better result. We recommend that just under the seed put about 4cm of soil and cover the seed above with 1 cm. In just two weeks the seed will reach the water levels of the Growboxx.

Is it necessary to completely bury the box?

If your purpose is to plant seedlings, grass or other plants, we recommend that the top of the Growboxx protrudes about 3 cm above the soil surface.

Opinions by experts

“Based on the results we see in our reports, we can conclude that a large-scale ecosystem restoration plan can be developed in the Galapagos. In addition to the high survival rate of the plants, we can also see that there is a positive impact on their growth speed. ”

Swenz Lorenz

Executive Director, Charles Darwin Foundation

“These results clearly show that the plantations carried out with the Groasis Waterboxx were a success, with a survival rate of over 90% in our 2011 project. There are significant water savings, having used only 15 liters of water per tree.”

Juan Ignacio Boudon

Head of the Protected Wild Areas Department, CONAF

“The study of the effects on the survival rate of fruit trees shows a survival rate of 100% in apple, orange and guava trees, in the case of avocado the survival rate was 84%. Water saving is considerable.”

Ashenafi Asmelash

Executive Director, Mums for Mums

Planting with Growboxx

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