Capillary Drill

We want to help you carry out your plantations or afforestation tasks in the simplest way possible, that is the reason why the Capillary Drill was created. The Capillary Drill is a soil drilling machine for plantation, which is designed to be used when you want to plant a large number of trees on large hectares. The purpose of these machinery, is none other than reducing labor costs and increasing the survival rate of  plants and trees planted with the Waterboxx

Soil drilling machine for plantation

The soil drilling machine (also called a capillary drill by Groasis) has a very simple use and objective, which is to facilitate the planting of the Growboxx and Waterboxx systems. Its operation is very simple, you only need to connect the drill in a tractor with which you can make up to a total of 6,000 holes in a single day. The holes will have a depth of 15 cm, which is ideal to then fit the Waterboxx.

No matter what tractor or crane you use, all of them are designed not to damage the capillary structure. This means that as soon as the tree is rooting below the planting hole, the tree will find moisture. In many eroded and deserted areas there is a hard layer of soil where trees cannot cross through the root system, so this alternative is ideal for solving this problem.

Types of Capillary drills


  • Direct Capillary Drill: Used to make holes in soft ground.
  • Double Capillary Drill: Same function as the previous one but being possible to make holes two by two, offering greater speed and performance.
  • Crane Capillary Drill: Ideal for planting in hills or sloping areas with difficult access, being able to adapt as a crane.
  • Rock Capillary Drill: For rocky soils that are difficult to drill.
  • Rock Drill Head: If you already have a capillary drill, you can purchase an additional head for rocky floors.
  • Orchard Capillary Drill: Suitable for access in narrow areas, with small tractors, ideal for orchards.

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