What’s Groasis?

Groasis is a Dutch company owned by Pieter Hoff, inventor of the Waterboxx, Growboxx and many other products that promotes water saving in agriculture with their systems. Groasis systems are capable of being planted in arid and desert areas with only 20 liters of water. Do you want to know how? 

Groasis Products

Waterboxx Plant Cocoon

It is a water saving system to plant trees in an ecological way through a capillarity irrigation technique.

Groasis Waterboxx

Growsafe Telescoprotexx

A plant protector that combines perfectly with Waterboxx and allows the tree to grow in a healthy and safe way during its first years of life.

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Growboxx Plant Cocoon

The latest system manufactured by Groasis that has the same functionalities of the Waterboxx Plant Cocoon, but with the peculiarity of being 100% biodegradable.

Capillary Drill

For large projects where you need to plant hundreds or thousands of hectares, the Capillary Drill is the ideal option to speed up the process.

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