Groasis Waterboxx

Groasis Waterboxx

Environmentally friendly and sustainable planting saving up to 90% water


The Groasis Waterboxx plant cocoon is an environmental friendly alternative to plant trees, plants & vegetables. The Waterboxx is reusable and can be used for at least 10 plantings up to 20 plantings. In the first year the Groasis Waterboxx uses 90% less water than traditional irrigation and in the subsequent years the saving of water is even 100%! But what’s more, there is no need to install an expensive irrigation system. No pumps are needed. And therefore no electricity is needed. Trees planted using the Waterboxx have a 90% better chance of survival. The trees are stronger and grow about 30% faster. So when you plant fruit trees, the production of fruit will be 1 to 3 year earlier than traditional methods.

Growth 30% Higher


Litres of Water

+90% Chance of Survival

Using Waterboxx for Reforestation Proyects

Costs of projects is most important. And costs add up rapidly when projects are larger. If you consider a new project, like a new plantation, reforestation, or making your citygreener, the costs are important because you use public funds, or influences the company margin. The Waterboxx helps you out. But not only that. At the same time your company or your city, province or country, can be more sustainable. That’s good for the earth, good for your citizens or customers. Because there is no need for expensive irrigation systems, the use of water is 90% less, anf you can plant in eroded, dry and burnt areas. You save money and you save the environment. Definitely a win-win situation!

Saving Costs

Easy Planting

No Irrigation System Needed

The Waterboxx is made of polypropylene and therefor reusable for at least 10 times. On average after a year the Waterboxx will be removed. That can be a big deal with larger projects. A solution for that is the Growboxx, which is 100% compostable and doesn’t have to be removed. In big proyects it’s very easy to plant with the Groasis Waterboxx using the Capillary Drill

Usin Waterboxx for Gardening

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden with trees, and colourful flowers. But not everyone is a gardener or enjoys working in the garden. Either way, wether you like working in the garden or not, the Waterboxx helps you to create your own beautiful oasis. There is no need to water your trees and plants every day or every week, or every month. Just once a year! The Waterboxx eliminates almost all the maintenance that is needed for your plants including irrigation and weeds, as it prevents the growth of weeds around the plant.

2,5 € Per Tree

No Daily Care is Needed

So when you’re not in your house maybe for long periods of time, then the Waterboxx is a perfect solution for you. Just plant trees or plants in your garden, add water to the Waterboxx and leave it for a year! After a year you will have a strong and healthy tree. Remove the Waterboxx and use it for another tree.

Using the waterboxx for Orchards

The cultivation of vegetables with the Ecological Technology of the Waterboxx is very beneficial for fruit trees and vegetables. With the Waterboxx you can grow vegetables in a way that saves water (up to 90% less compared to drip irrigation). You can plant a multitude of varieties such as peppers, melons, tomatoes, pumpkins, courgettes, aubergines, grapes, and many more. Depending on the plant the Waterboxx may need the installation of two wicks to give a better supply of water to the plant (you can see here the needs of each tree or vegetable).

Production Increases 30%

Plant Vegetables and Fruits

Grow your Orchard with no Effort

When planting with Groasis Waterboxx you should pour 15 liters into the tank and 3 liters of water into the central tube. At night the slots in the lid cool and produce water by condensation. The slots in the shape of waves in the lid will lead the water collected by condensation or rain to the tank.