Groasis Growsafe

Groasis Growsafe

Protect your plantation from cold, heat and grazing animals

To protect plants and trees against animals, cold and heat, Groasis has developed a plant protector called Groasis Growsafe. Growsafe improves the effect of Waterboxx and Growboxx. In the market there are some plant protectors that have some shortcomings that the Growsafe solves thanks to its design and the material with which it’s made.


Groasis Growsafe Characteristics

The standard height of the Groasis Growsafe is 50 cm. But you have the option of easily overlapping one over another to create a protector of plants of a greater height, which can reach up to 210 cm. The Growsafe supports the tree, so no additional system is needed. The color is green, since the colors during the day necessary for photosynthesis are blue and red, which can pass through the Growsafe completely. Meanwhile the other colors are filtered, decreasing the light intensity. This reduces the plant temperature,  favoring a highergrowth. Furthermore water will evaporate less, and the plant will be better protected against freezing temperatures. Growsafe improves the effect of Waterboxx and Growboxx.

Supports the Tree

Lower Cost

Less Evaporation

The Groasis Growsafe is very useful for those people who have a house in the countryside, where there could be grazing areas where goats or sheep can eat the plant. For them it will be very useful to use Growsafe to protect their new plants and trees, ensuring that plantations have a faster and safer growth.