Groasis Growboxx

Groasis Growboxx

Plant with the Growboxx in a Sustainable way

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The Groasis Waterboxx has shown after many studies and trials that its benefits are greater than using a conventional irrigation system. Continuing with this research and development, Groasis has designed a new product called: Groasis Growboxx. This invention has the benefits of Waterboxx but with the advantage of being 100% biodegradable and made of 100% recycled paper. The Growboxx is a greener alternative to plant trees and vegetables and plants.

Save 90% Costs

Save up to 90% Water

+90% Survival

In the first year of use, Growboxx uses 90% less water than a traditional irrigation system, after the first year the Groasis Growboxx starts descomposing, providing beneficial nutrients for plants and trees. In the following years plants and trees grow strong enough to grow on their own without the help of more irrigation. Most interesting is the saving costs generated by not having to install an expensive irrigation system.

Using Growboxx for Reforestation

Groasis Growboxx is very useful in large projects. This is because it has the characteristics of the Waterboxx, but with the advantage that it doesn’t need to be removed after a year, which means a personal cost savings. The Groasis Growboxx can be used in fertile soils where, in general terms, it leads to a faster growth, increased biomass and even higher survival rates. But the Growboxx can also be used in areas where generally it’s more difficult to plant:


Burnt Forests


Eroded Areas

Rocky and Mountainous Areas

Using Growboxx for Gardening

In cases where planting is something sporadic, the Growboxx is a very economical and viable solution for users. However if you want to plant several plants in the long term, the Waterboxx is a better option. The cost per unit for the Waterboxx plant is more economical in the medium term, since it can be used at least 10 times, which provides a saving of the mayor. The Growboxx is more useful in small gardens where there is no space to plant a tree every year for 10 years. In case you have a land or garden near the sandy areas, the Waterboxx can be covered by sand, while for the Growboxx there is no problem.

Plants and trees planted using the Growboxx have a 90% more probability of survival, in addition trees grow 30% faster and stronger. In case of having fruit trees, they will produce fruits between 1 and 3 years earlier than they would with traditional means. With the Growboxx the lid can be covered by soil and it will continue collecting and filtering water.


Groasis has been awarded with the title; ‘National Icon’ by the Dutch Ministry of Economy as one of the 3 most innovative companies in the country, due to the invention of the Growboxx.