Groasis Capillary Drill

Accreviri and Groasis want to help you to do your plantations or forestation planting, for that reason the Groasis Capillary Drill was created. The Capillary Drill is designed to be used when planting a large number of trees. Its use is very simple, you only have to connect the drill on a tractor and you can create more than 1000 holes perfect for the Waterboxx or Growboxx in one day. We have drills for each type of soil. In many eroded areas and deserts there is a hard soil layer that trees can not traverse through the root system, so this alternative is ideal to solve this problem.

The Groasis Capillary Drill digs holes always 20 cm deep and of the correct diameter. The bottom of the holes will always be perfectly aligned, which is important for creating healthy and strong trees. Use the Capillary Drill to make more holes in a day, you can plant more trees and save costs in human resources.

groasis taladro capilar waterboxx

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