¿What are the FAQ's? frecuently asked questions (FAQ'S)

The FAQ's are the most frequently asked questions. There are the questions that we receive more often. we show you them because you may have any question that can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily with this questions. We have 7 questions that we believe can answer most inquiries that may arise . If you can not find solution to your question, please contact us with your and we will answer you as quick as possible.

Information about Groasis, the manufacturerof the Waterboxx® and the Growboxx®
Groasis, a Dutch company, is founded by Pieter Hoff. Pieter was a former cultivator, improver, and exporter of lillies. By experience in the flower industry Pieter learned that the level of groundwater lowers worldwide at a high pace. If this will not be stopped, then irrigation will eventually not be possible anymore. The thought of this inspired him to found Groasis and develop technics to produce water from the air.www.groasis.com.
How does the Groasis Waterboxx®and the Growboxx®actually work?
The products collects rainwater and produces water from moisture in the air (Waterboxx®), they stimulate the capillary rise, and they prevent the water from evaporating. They also prevent competition from surrounding weeds. They supply the collected water to the tree, plant and vegetable over a longer period of time. The features of the products are:
  • They collect water and save the water in the basin
  • They produce water from moisture in the air
  • They stimulate trees to let the roots grow and find groundwater so the trees can survive without any help or extra water
  • They distributethe collected water drop by drop to the plant over a long period of time
  • They stimulate the rise of capillary water to the surface of the soil under the Waterboxx® and Growboxx®
  • They prevent the collected water fromevaporating They prevent the growth of competitive weeds
  • They prevent the erosion of the soil surrounding the plant
  • They prevent the warming of the soil surrounding the plant
  • They stimulate a perfect temperature for the roots of the plant
  • Because the plants can be planted on the surface,plants can grow on rocks
When do I have to remove the Waterboxx®?
You can remove the Waterboxx® when the tree is strong enough to grow on its own. On average that is a year. It depends on the type of tree, the condition of the soil and the weather conditions. When the young branches of the tree are growing faster that is the sign that the roots have reached the groundwater. That can be after 6 months, but with very slow growing type of trees it can take also 2 years.
When and where can I use the Waterboxx® or Growboxx®?
The products were originally developed for use in dry areas in the world. But they also have their purpose in other places. They can certainly be used in the whole of Spain. Because they are the best sustainable way to plant and due to all other specific benefits they should actually be used for all plantings with root systems. And we are not exaggerating here.
For which plants can I use the Waterboxx® and Growboxx®?
Trees You can plant all kind of trees with both of the boxes. It is important to use only trees that can survive in the circumstances where they are planted. For Spain that is a great variety. Use seedlings or sapling (we do not recommend seeds). You can use trees with a maximum trunk diameter of 5 cm. Plant the trees on their final location. Once they have a full grown root system, they can’t be easily removed and transplanted. As stated we do not recommend using seeds in the Waterboxx® or Growboxx®. But if you want to use seeds, first seed in tree cones like the HaxnicksRootrainers. Vegetables The Waterboxx® can be used for all kinds of vegetables, especially vine crops like zucchini, melons, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, and grapes. For types of vegetables which use lots of water an extra wick and an extra hole in the base may be needed. And refilling may be needed.
No, the Waterboxx or the Growboxx don’t require electricity to work.  The Waterboxx works by employing natural processes (from the lotus effect to capillary action) to collect dew and rain water and slowly channel it to the roots of a growing plant.  No electricity is required at any point.  The Waterboxx does need to be filled with around 15 litres of water at set-up, but this can be done by hand.
No, the Waterboxx and Growboxx don’t require running water to work.  The Waterboxx and the Growboxx need to be filled with fifteen liters (slightly less than four gallons) of water at set-up.  The soil around the plant needs to be moistened at set up (up to ten gallons when planting trees in the desert, one quarter gallon when planting garden plants in good soil).  This water can be provided by hand or by hose.  For large projects in isolated areas (e.g. planting many trees on the outskirts of a large property), we recommend a water tanker truck to moisten the soil initially and fill them.