Accreviri will attend as an exhibitor to the 46th Edition of Iberflora

Iberflora, from October 4th to 6th in Valencia. Accreviri is going to demonstrate the Groasis Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon and the new biodegradable Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon. Using these plant cocoons trees and vegetables can be planted in very dry areas using the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology.

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Replant trees of any size with Growboxx

Previously with the Waterboxx a problem arose difficult to repair, how to plant or replant trees with a large trunk if the central opening of the Waterboxx is only 10 cm? In this case we could only recommend the option of planting small trees that didn’t exceed this diameter. There are other situations where you want to replant trees and it is not possible to change the tree to a smaller one. Therefore for these cases, Groasis has established an effective formula using the Growboxx Plant Cocoon.

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How to convert deserts to Oasis

I thought the other day, what would happen if the OECD countries really had a real interest in the environment and wanted to mitigate the effects of climate change. I realized that if there were a real interest it would move from words, signatures and protocol photographs to facts, sometimes facts happen, but at a slower rate than desired. We are suffering in the last years an unprecedented global warming, although some don’t want to see it. Measures such as reducing CO2 emissions, improving energy efficiency or repopulate with plant species, the latter I want to dedicate in this post.

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Planting without Irrigation to solve the lack of water in Agriculture

Spain is a country very rich in plant and animal biodiversity, but there is a problem that plagues the country every summer: The lack of rain. This lack of rain causes generalized decrease of the level of water in the reservoirs all over the country. It’s expected that this year the Spanish reservoirs will have to face the summer with the lowest level of water since 1995. At the beginning of June, the Spanish reservoirs were at 56.5% of their capacity. The level is 10 points lower than the average of the last 10 years and 15 less than the last five years.

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How to prevent forest fires

It’s well known by a large part of the population that forest fires are a serious problem that are devastating our forests every year. Forest fires have become not only a natural danger, but also a human-caused problem. In Spain, it’s estimated that each year around 135,822 hectares get burnt. This is a serious problem for the conservation of biodiversity and a great risk for people who live in rural areas.

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Agroforestry is a productive system whose function is to integrate trees, livestock, pastures and foliage, in the same productive unit, either as a special arrangement or in a temporal sequence. This system tends to improve productivity while achieving ecologically sustainable. This system combines the technology of forestry and agriculture that allows a more diverse, integrated, productive and sustainable land use. The Iberian dehesas (montados) in Portuguese) are a thousand-year-old example of this type of exploitation.

agroforestería growboxx

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How to plant pistachios with the Waterboxx

The pistachio tree is a small tree, native to the mountainous regions of Greece, Syria, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan and West Afghanistan, which produces pistachio. Pistachios have a cultivation and pruning very similar to almonds and olives, although it has its peculiarities.

The Kerman variety on lands of Atlantic Pistacia and modernly on hybrid soils, are the best, not only because the quality of the fruit, but also for the precocity and production results. The cultivation of the pistachio is profitable and generates benefits from the tenth year.

como plantar pistachos con waterboxx, how to plant pistachios

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How to prepare the soil for gardening

Generally people pay more attention to the crop or plant, and they don’t give the necessary to what is the best type of soil for gardening, which is sure to have a significant influence on the performance of your garden. Before beginning to cultivate it’s necessary to know and treat the land to be in the optimal conditions for the cultivation.

tierra para cultivo de huerto con Waterboxx / prepare the soil for gardening

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What is the Capillary Water?

Trees ‘drink’ from capillary water. Their instrument to drink from the capillary water is the primary root. You can know how deep the earth has capillary water, because at a certain point the earth becomes darker. This is where the primary root connects with the capillary tubes (vertical tubes that carry the water).


capillary water

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10 tips to build the perfect Waterboxx Pyramid

Many people would love to try raised bed gardening but don’t have a traditional yard with sufficient space.  Or, perhaps they want to create a beautiful terraced garden, similar to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Regardless, if you have found your way to this page, you may be interested in building the (half) waterboxx pyramid shown below, designed by Dew Harvest (official distibutor of Groasis in the USA).  This planting structure holds 9 Waterboxxes, and up to around 20 standard garden plants.   It has a maximum dimension of 9 feet (at back), and its total footprint is only 23.5 square feet.  This waterboxx  pyramid can be built with minimal carpentry skills and the few materials and tools noted below.  Depending on the cost of cedar wood in your area and the total height you choose, this project can cost between 150-400 dollars, not including the Waterboxxes.  Cedar should last at least 10 years under most conditions.

waterboxx pyramid finished

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Soil erosion: Problems and how to combat them

Erosion is a natural and continuous process that occurs on the earth’s surface, which takes place due to the effect of external geological agents. It happens more intensely when the surface is exposed, which means that it is more exposed to the elements. In soils where it doesn¡t exist any alteration, the floors are protected by the vegetal mantle. So when the rain falls on a surface covered by grass or leaves, some of the moisture evaporates before the water gets into the ground. The trees and the grass make of windbreaks and the lattice of the roots helps to maintain the floors in front of the rain and the wind.

 Erosion in the valley of death

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