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Accreviri was born with the vocation of making Groasis technology known in Spain, a place where due to environmental conditions, we consider that both Waterboxx and Growboxx are ideal solutions to help plant and reforest ecologically.

As distributors of Groasis in Spain, we are proud to present all the  awards that have been granted to Groasis in the past years.


Khalifa International Award for innovation in agriculture

Awarded in 2019 at the 11th Edition held in Dubai in the category of «Pioneering and sophisticated innovations at the service of the agricultural sector».

Global Opportunity Report

Water saving technology was named as the best method to achieve efficient agriculture.

Grosasis: the most innovative company in the Netherlands.

Thanks in part to the invention of Growboxx, the Netherlands chose Groasis as the most innovative company of 2018.

National Icon Award

Awarded as the best company in the Netherlands in 2017 for its constant innovation.

Media appeareances

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Trees planted

Mentions in the Media


Development of a "water battery" for trees

Traditional irrigation techniques are inefficient because most of the water is lost through evaporation. For this, Pieter Hoff created the Waterboxx, a device made of polypropylene designed to capture rainwater and condensation, which accumulates in the chamber under the cover and prevents water from evaporating.

«If we could plant two billion hectares with trees, we could solve many of the world’s problems»

(Full News: New York Times)

A box to plant in the desert

The invention of Pieter Hoff, which is named after Groasis Waterboxx, has a hole in its center where the seed or a small plant is placed.

The lid of the box has a series of diagonal grooves that collect the water and accumulate it inside a chamber, which releases the water to the roots of the plant through a wick at the bottom of the box.

When the plant has managed to develop its roots, penetrating the ground in search of water, the box can be removed and reused to plant other specimens.

(Full news: BBC)

he water box that opens the Monegros Desert to the trees

The objective of Waterboxx is to be able to plant trees where they normally have no viability due to extreme weather and water difficulties.

These difficulties could really be resolved according to a group of researchers from the University of Valladolid, with the GroasisWaterboxx, developed by a Dutch company, and which replaces natural irrigation. It consists of “a box that traps the water of night condensation and occasional rains and gives it to the plants in minimal quantities, but sufficient to ensure their survival,” explains Zacarías Clérigo.

(Full news: El Mundo)

En una misión con Pieter Hoff y su Groasis waterboxx

On a mission with Pieter Hoff and his Groasis waterboxx
Because we have felled so many trees, the weather has become more extreme. It is still raining enough to keep the crop, the problem is that the water falls in a very short period of time.

What the waterboxx solves is that you can plant trees, help them overcome the first two or three years when it is very difficult, and once the roots are deep enough, the tree can survive on its own. So you can re-protect areas that seemed to be lost.

(Full News: Forbes)

Helping gardeners go through a dry period

Among the winners in Popular Science magazine, a unique solution for gardeners or farmers working in dryland areas stands out. This year, the Waterboxx of the Dutch company Groasis was chosen as one of the most innovative products in the “green technology” category.

Scientists believe that deforestation and excessive agriculture are directly related to a decrease in productivity in the arid and semi-arid lands of the world. Groasis states that its product can help alleviate the problems associated with agriculture in these dry areas, by helping plants survive long enough for their roots to reach the hidden water deep in the surface.

(Full news: Indepent)

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