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Live an ecological and environmental experience in our Accreviri Blog. Learn with us to plant in an ecological way, creating fantastic gardens and orchards with Waterboxx and Growboxx, knowing all the benefits that contribute to your crops. You will learn to plant in a profitable and safe way saving water, we will also teach you many tips and curiosities about the world of gardening and cultivation.

Iberflora, from October 4th to 6th in Valencia. Accreviri is going to demonstrate the Groasis Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon and the new biodegradable Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon. Using these plant cocoons trees and vegetables can be planted in very dry areas using the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology. ACCREVIRI SHOWS ON
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Previously with the Waterboxx a problem arose difficult to repair, how to plant or replant trees with a large trunk if the central opening of the Waterboxx is only 10 cm? In this case we could only recommend the option of planting small trees that didn’t exceed this diameter. There
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I thought the other day, what would happen if the OECD countries really had a real interest in the environment and wanted to mitigate the effects of climate change. I realized that if there were a real interest it would move from words, signatures and protocol photographs to facts, sometimes
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Spain is a country very rich in plant and animal biodiversity, but there is a problem that plagues the country every summer: The lack of rain. This lack of rain causes generalized decrease of the level of water in the reservoirs all over the country. It’s expected that this year
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It’s well known by a large part of the population that forest fires are a serious problem that are devastating our forests every year. Forest fires have become not only a natural danger, but also a human-caused problem. In Spain, it’s estimated that each year around 135,822 hectares get burnt.
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The Global Opportunity Explorer is an initiative that garthers the ideas and products of companies that are trying to mitigate the climate change by proposing sustainable delovepment solutions for the future. The Global Opportunity Explorer divides its areas of action in the following goals: Groasis, manufacturer of Waterboxx and Growboxx has been chosen
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Agroforestry is a productive system whose function is to integrate trees, livestock, pastures and foliage, in the same productive unit, either as a special arrangement or in a temporal sequence. This system tends to improve productivity while achieving ecologically sustainable. This system combines the technology of forestry and agriculture that
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The pistachio tree is a small tree, native to the mountainous regions of Greece, Syria, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan and West Afghanistan, which produces pistachio. Pistachios have a cultivation and pruning very similar to almonds and olives, although it has its peculiarities. The Kerman variety on lands of Atlantic
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