Accreviri will attend as an exhibitor to the 46th Edition of Iberflora

Lectura 5 - 10 min

Iberflora, from October 4th to 6th in Valencia. Accreviri is going to demonstrate the Groasis Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon and the new biodegradable Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon. Using these plant cocoons trees and vegetables can be planted in very dry areas using the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology.


Plant trees and vegetables in very dry areas while saving money, saving water, and saving the environment! And more… Trees and vegetables planted using the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology grow 30% faster on average and the survival rate is 90 to 95% higher.

Ecological Water Saving Technology

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology uses significantly less water than drip irrigation, saving up to 99% for trees, and up to 75% for vegetables, thereby using valuable ground water resources more sustainably. Even in dry areas it sometimes rains. And when it rains the plant cocoons collects the valuable rainwater. And the Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon even collects water from the due generated over nights.

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology is saving money on several areas. No expensive drip irrigation systems are needed. No electricity. 90% less water. And trees planted using the Groasis Waterboxx® and Growboxx® Plant Cocoons can be smaller, hence cheaper to purchase.

The applications are endless; from large government reforestation projects, city parks and private programs, to small rural farms in developing countries and consumer vegetable gardens.

Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon

The Groasis Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon is an environmental friendly alternative to plant trees, plants & vegetables. It is reusable, and can be used at least 10 times for at least 10 trees. The Groasis Waterboxx® Plant Cocoon is perfect for public parks and gardens, rural farms, and consumer gardens.

Growboxx® Plant Cocoon

The Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon has the benefits of the Waterboxx® and is 100% biodegradable. The recycled paper allows that once past the year of use, the Growboxx® will biodegrade and contribute beneficial nutrients for the plants and trees. The Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon can be used to plant one tree and up to 4 vegetables or plants. Besides public parks, rural farms, and consumer gardens, the Groasis Growboxx® Plant Cocoon is in particular useful for large reforestation projects. With these projects the Groasis Capillary Drills speeds up digging (perfect) holes for the plant cocoons, saving enormous on human resources.

Escrito por Rafael
Marketing y Redacción de Contenidos en Accreviri. Apasionado por la ecología y la naturaleza 🌱

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