More than a self watering system

Discover the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology

Waterboxx Plant Cocoon

It is a water saving system through a self watering system, to plant trees in an ecological way through a capillarity irrigation technique.

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Growboxx Plant Cocoon

The latest system manufactured by Groasis that has the same self watering functionalities of the Waterboxx Plant Cocoon, but with the peculiarity of being 100% biodegradable.

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This is how ecological water saving technology works

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Ecological and sustainable innovation

Groasis technology allows planting in the most difficult places and with demonstrable survival rates of more than 90%. All this with a growth higher than 30% compared with other traditional irrigation systems.

Self watering benefits

The Waterboxx Plant Cocoon is a self irrigation system that allows you to plant seedlings directly in the ground and avoids having to manually water the plants or install traditional irrigation systems. It also provides a water saving of 90%.

Projects carried out with Waterboxx in Spain

Survival rate + 95% in the Monegros Desert

The Monegros desert soil is made up of 50% stones and another 50% dry sand, with the consequent problem of the soil’s poor ability to retain water. In addition, temperatures also don’t help since they reach +35 ° C during the summer and fall to -10 ° C during the winter. On the other hand, annual rainfall is around 300 mm, but the greatest risk is the strong Tramontana winds that can reach -10 ° C.

Watering plants while away

There is no limit at the time of planting with the Waterboxx, even in the hot summer, we have observed how the self watering system and the automatic filling (from moisture and rain water) makes your tank have water inside. This water is kept fresh and helps the plant survive during those difficult summer months due to the heat and lack of rain.

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